21 chump Street

Before I start, no that’s not a typo. It is actually supposed to be 21 chump street. If you love Hamilton, you’re going to love this.

21 chump street is a short musical written by Lin Manuel Miranda between “In the Heights” and Hamilton and it is about a high school in the US where a student called Justin Laboy is thrilled when a new pretty girl shows up in two of his classes.

BACKSTORY…the musical as a whole is based on the situation when youth police employees went undercover as students to investigate drug dealing in schools. The girl who turns up at Justin’s school: Naomi Rodriguez, is one of these undercover police employees. 

Anyway, during the first of about five songs, Justin asks Naomi to prom during “what the heck I gotta do” and throughout the show, the characters go and interview this councillor type person who is played by Lin Manuel Miranda and the character of Naomi reveals that she is one of these undercover police officers.

Throughout the production, Justin tries to get hold of drugs for Naomi thinking that she will then love him and be with him. However, there is a huge plot twist for Justin when he gives them to her and he expects her affection, but she just offers him money.

What I love so much about this part, is that Justin learns what love actually is and it’s not just about doing things to please and impress whoever you like. He gets her these  drugs just in hope to achieve her love and affection and everyone around him and Naomi herself can learn something from this. 

Justin ends up going to prison in the end and all because he commuted and illegal crime for love. He really did believe in the quote love is all you need.

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Playing Hamilton on the Flute


I’m writing this sitting in my school gym waiting to perform in a concert. I’m playing my flute in an ensemble and an orchestra and I’m waiting in the gym with about one hundred other people playing several different instruments and some are yelling Hamilton lyrics at the top of their lungs. That part really doesn’t bother me though.

Just to set the scene.

I’m going to say this and I’m sorry if this sounds sad.

I’ve seen the new beauty and the beast three times.

Yes. That’s right. Three times. But I’m not sorry actually, because I love it so much and I especially love it because of the music. I’ve noticed that every single song’s music represents each character differently. If you get the chance to see it, please do.

Anyway, I’m going to get into what I wanted to talk about today. That is, flutes and how I got to where I am today (music wise).

I started playing the flute about six years ago and at first I couldn’t get a single noise out of it. I don’t even remember why I chose the flute, but at first, it was a stubborn stick of metal. It took me a good month to get my first sound out of it but when I did, it was so rewarding.

I did hard core practice at the beginning. I literally practiced everyday and I gradually developed and I became more confident. I am working towards my grade six now.

My favourite part about being confident at an instrument, is that I can play the majority of sheet music from my favourite musicals and songs!! It’s great just to be able to belt out My Shot whenever I want to. (The Hamilton references are becoming common, please get used to them).

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Hamilton – Include Women In The Sequel

Hamilton the Musical is about one of the founding fathers of the USA: Alexander Hamilton. The Musical follows him throughout his life and it was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. I LOVE HAMILTONย and I have listened to the album on my phone too many times. Here’s why:

  1. Each time I listen to the album I discover something new about the whole production
  2. The songs get stuck in your head SO EASILY (I’m not saying that’s a bad thing!)
  3. The music is so interesting and different.

The music behind Hamilton has been written to demonstrate all the character’s personalities in each song. When a character has a solo, their objective and thoughts are also clearly demonstrated.


ELIZABETH SCHUYLER (it’s a pleasure to meet you :))

Elizabeth Schuyler is demonstrated as a kind and simple character but she is later shown to be a woman to aims to empower women as a whole. In songs such as: “That would be enough” she is shown to be a kind; innocent and fairly neutral character. However, what’s clever is that in “Burn”, she completely transforms and theย anger which motivates her into this song shows how she can be a much stronger and confident character which empowers her role as a woman in the whole show.

In addition, the character of Angelica in the show also is promoting the idea of “empowered women.” This is especially shown in her famous line in the song “The Schuyler Sisters.” The line being:

“To include women in the sequel…(work:))”

Angelica and Eliza (and Peggy:)) both want women to be included in whatever comes next. They want them to be involved in the world just as much as men. This objective and passion which they both have is shown in the songs and throughout the whole story which was a clear aim that Lin-Manuel Miranda had when writing the Musical.

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Music Rewind

Hi ๐Ÿ™‚

In my opinion, music is something which everyone has a different perspective on. There are more types of music that I could write down, but is that a good thing? Yes. It offers people an opportunity to decide what they like and what they don’t. That’s what is so special about it.

I chose to start this blog to be able to express my life and how music plays a part in it. Let’s put it this way:

Music plays a VERY big part in my life.

I want to share my everyday thoughts with anyone who is interested in a person’s perspective on music itself. Specifically, music on the radio and popular compositions and my views on them. I want to talk about everything I do regarding music whether I share that everyday or once a month.

Anyway, hello! I am a young musician and I play the flute and piano. I am currently working towards my grade 6 flute exam and I haven’t started grades on the piano. If you play any instruments and you love music, I hope you will like my blog! I chose to name this blog “Music Rewind” because I want to essentially “rewind” to past things that have been done in music, But that doesn’t mean that I will only write about Mozart and stuff. I will write about current music too. But I have nothing against Mozart. A woman called Vanessa Carlton said: “If Mozart were alive now, he would write a killer rock song.” 

I couldn’t agree more Vanessa ๐Ÿ™‚

So I just wanted to share a little introduction about what this new music blog will be all about!

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